Our Travel Management solution provides a platform where travel agents can connect with travel wholesalers for travel inventory. 

If you are a travel agent, our travel solution can provide your customers with online international or domestic packages via a customizable website. The solution also allows you to interface with a range of travel wholesalers whereby you can pick the travel inventory you want to feature on your portal for booking by your customers. 

As a travel wholesaler, participating in this travel solution will open up your products to a large number of travel agents. This allows you to grow your revenue especially when your packages are well sought after.

In summary, our Travel Management System provides:

  • A template-based Travel Website for travel agents which is customizable and easy to use
  • A platform where travel wholesalers can list their products and where travel agents can pick from these products for booking on their own websites
  • A Customer Database where all of your customer transactions and contact details are available to you for valuable marketing insights

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