GMM Grammy is a diversified entertainment company in Thailand with investments in music, movie/television production, radio broadcasting, artists management and live event production. Its digital music business involves the conversion of music content into a digital format for distribution through online music streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, JOOX, iTunes, Tencent Music and Line TV, where users can listen to music online, on-demand, or from playlists.  The company is a leader in a fully integrated entertainment platform in Thailand, delivering high quality local contents and engaging consumers through multi-channels.

J-Dea’s Project with GMM Grammy: GMM Grammy offers its customers a music streaming platform which provides customers with hi-resolution streaming music and music videos. Wanting to improve its customer experience, GMM Grammy sought to introduce a user-friendly subscription service for its customers. GMM Grammy partnered with J-Dea to enable a “Subscription and Payment” feature via the Plern music streaming app to handle and manage its customers’ subscription life cycle from start to finish. The subscription cycle starts with the customer signing up for Plern’s music services, and ends at the point where they cancel or leave the subscription.

This collaborative project between GMM Grammy and J-Dea was a great outcome for all.

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