Central Restaurants Group (CRG) is part of the Thai conglomerate, Central Holding. Central Holding is a family owned holding company that has business interests in financial services, hospitality, merchandising, real estate, retail, restaurants, shopping malls, and others. CRG owns and operates a variety of restaurant brands in Thailand including Auntie Anne’s, Chabuton, Cold Stone, Katsuya, KFC, Ootoya, Pepper Lunch, Ryu Shabu Shabu, Tenya, The Terrace and Yoshinoya.

J-Dea’s Project with CRG: CRG had a challenge with waste with one of their restaurant brands. Following an in depth understanding of the outcomes they were seeking, we recommended a production planning application which enabled a more accurate means of forecasting each individual restaurant sales. The solution was then developed using a machine learning approach to “learn” the sales patterns of each store based on historical data, then provide more accurate sales forecasting which enabled their managers to produce food to match their sales forecasts.

The collaboration between CRG and J-Dea created an outcome which helped CRG to reduce their food waste.

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