We are working on two solutions for businesses available from Q2 of 2024:

  • Form Builder: Our form builder is an online tool that enables the creation and customization of forms without any coding skills. It is a useful tool for collecting customer feedback, conducting surveys and creating contact forms. This tool is relevant and applicable across all industries as many businesses use forms as part of their operating processes and a significant number also have the need to collect data from surveys to improve their processes. This product will be available from Q3 2024.
  • URL Shortener: This product enables businesses to perform EDMs via email or SMS by sending out a shortened URL, which retains their domain names, making their shortened URL links more secure. For example, instead of using a shortened URL which is meaningless (consisting of a jumbled alphabets/numbers) which can easily be hacked, a company website called www.bumblebeehive.co.th can use our tool which enables the use of a meaningful shortened URL like bumbee.co.th. This product is available now.

Email us at [email protected] or call us on +66 2 117 1891 to find out more about our Corporate Solutions.